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I think I know how to identify an abuser…

I think I know how to identify an abuser...

Soooo…people. My favorite people. Anyway, I think I have figured out how to identify an abuser.

By the way, like the photo?  You know, not actually like it…but appreciate it.  I think it is a really creative way to symbolize emotional violence. I know it’s a bit graphic.  I hope it’s not triggering for anyone.  I apologize if it is.

Sadly, I was victimized again recently. Woo hoo! But you know, with sexual coercion and arguments and blaming comes KNOWLEDGE!

So…I’ve been dating on internet sites. And maybe that’s my problem. But let’s assume it’s not. Lol. For many reasons… I’ve now found a few different guys. Actually, a lot. And when I tell them I don’t want dick pics, I don’t want sex, etc., etc., they get REALLY defensive. To the point where they get annoyed and don’t want to talk to me anymore and stuff like that.

Now…this could be me identifying abusers…because, honestly, the guy who would get really finicky about me telling him I didn’t want to have sex eventually coerced me into it and stole my underwear. Whaaaattt? Who does that? Ugh. Orrrr, maybe this is just me being overly sensitive, telling a guy things like this a few times (in what I think are non-threatening ways), and him feeling attacked and then choosing not to talk to me because he thinks I have issues or am too anxious.

What do you all think?

I honestly don’t think a nice guy would get OFFENDED by me asking for there to be no sex. If I kept saying that, the mature guy might say, hey, is everything alright? I’m totally cool with not having sex, but you bring it up a lot. I worry you’ve been mistreated by someone.

Am I right? Am I right?