Archive | January 2016

Yo! It’s been a while.

So, hey everyone.  I apologize for using up cloud space to hold my two-year-old blog.  Whoops!  But I’m back!  I read my “About Me” section and I’ve got to say that I don’t really feel like I don’t fit in too well anymore.  I definitely felt that back when I started the blog, though.

I don’t take back what I’ve written in my blog, but I feel different now (and thank god because I was going through some rough times!).  My previous posts reflected who I was and how I thought when I wrote them.  And I hope they provided encouragement or company to those struggling.

To address my last post, I did go to a support group for domestic violence and it turned out the lady who ran it was a complete nut and my time in the group left me with deeper scars than I’d trotted in with.  I saw my old therapist for a while after that.  I then tried working more to keep myself occupied.  Then after about a 5-month hiatus, I started dating again and it still sucked.  Then I met a guy who really broke me.  I found myself suicidal again and it became clear that I needed some focused help.  I’ve since gotten it and I’ve got to say, I’m doing pretty well.  Professional development seems to be my weak spot at this point.

It was recently my birthday and I just shaved my head, so heyyy!  New me!