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Just so you guys have an idea (if you don’t know much about depression)…This is going to be like the scene at Veronica’s (played by Julia Stiles) dinner table in Silver Linings Playbook

I’m currently on 2 anti-depressants and 1 anti-psychotic.  The two anti-depressants are called Viibryd (a new-ish anti-depressant on the market that is reported to have fewer sexual side effects, such as low libido, that other anti-depressants have) and Trazodone (which I take at night, and which helps me sleep most of the night through and wake up at a decent time).  The anti-psychotic I’m taking is called Abilify.  It is also a pretty new pill and is used as a supplement to anti-depressants…it’s kind of an extra pick-me-up.  I am also taking birth control for the second time in my life to help balance my hormones a bit.  It seemed for a while when I was on Prozac (from August until November of 2012), that my PMS would consist of me falling back into an anxiety-ridden depression for a few days or a week.

That’s it!  Hope you enjoy!  😉


So, my blog community, …

So, hi everybody.  Yes, I already said that.  I guess I should give y’all a little background on my life.  In terms of the more serious stuff in my life that I feel doesn’t fit very well into polite conversation with people (and one of the reasons I’m starting this blog)…I’m 23 years old (okay, this is pretty run-of-the-mill); at this age, I can say I’m a survivor of rape, and I am also currently recovering from a bout of pretty severe depression and anxiety.  I don’t tell you this to say “Poor me” or “Feel bad for me, Guywithahardon48”; I say it because, as I’ve already stated, I need an outlet to share this stuff.  I just want to share it and hope that it inspires conversation among fellow bloggers.  They can share their stories, we can talk about solutions, causes, etc.  Other stuff about me…I’m a girl.  I’ve learned a fair amount from Sociology classes in college about gender, though, so I accept all you queer, transgender, transsexual, intersexual, etc. people out there (I’m using the newer version of “queer” there, by the way)!  I’ve been in college for three years…I’ve had ups and downs and breaks in that category…for my depression and anxiety have had their way with me for a few years without proper treatment.  I would label myself a pretty liberal and open-minded person.  I’m not religious and may not even believe in God.  Go ahead, attack me for my stance on God…I don’t think about it too much, okay!?  I like to laugh A LOT.  I am fairly sarcastic, which is hard to read in text, so good luck!  I’ll try my best to convey what I mean!  I love animals.  I like reading well-written books.  I like having friends, but relationships are complicated and can get intense, so sometimes it’s nice to sit with your computer and speak to no one in particular (or just spend time by yourself).  I’m single!  Hey, hey!  Lol.  Are you SURPRISED after all I’ve told you???  Probably not.  Lol.  Alright, well, this is getting a little lengthy, so I’ll stop.  If you’re bothered by me saying y’all, I’m sorry…Hope y’all have a good day!