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Hello Everyone.  I have not talked to you all in much time.

So, what has me going tonight is…who do you trust in life?


I’ve been plagued by this question on and off for months, perhaps years.

As I’ve spilled on this blog, I’ve dealt with mental issues.  Do you trust the doctors who claim to want to help you?  Or do you trust the weirdo homeopaths who encourage you to perform coffee enemas?  Seriously.

When I’ve discussed my fears about medications with my psychiatrist, he mostly brushes them off.  It seems like the psychologists do, too.  Is this really all one big conspiracy?  Do homeopaths really have the answer?

How about this: I don’t think anyone has the fucking answer.  Lol!  I’m sick of pretentious homeopaths declaring that doctors are just “in it” for the profit.  Notice that doctors don’t feel the need to vehemently put down homeopaths?  Is that because they’re confident in their position?  Is it because they know a suffering patient will never find out how truly evil they are?  Or are homeopaths’ reactions born out of some intense insecurity/borderline paranoia?

I’m just sick of all this shit.  Honestly.  It makes me not want to know anything.  It makes me want to be on drugs permanently.  Just kill my brain cells and let me slide through life on unemployment.  Seriously.  I just feel like this world is so fucked up.  Why are homeopaths and doctors at each others’ throats?  Why are people SO DAMN eager to prove themselves right?

And I’m not sure where all the answers to these questions come from; or how to manage the uncertainty, at least.  I’m not religious and I know religious people are the first to be like, well, there’s your problem.  Lolz.  But I’m just not into it.  So fuck off.  Plus, I’m probably a “better” person than you anyway, if there is such a thing.  But that’s a separate thing altogether.

But really, I don’t know how people filter out all the shit that’s being thrown around these days.  Maybe only a nut like me would be plagued by such issues.

I just wanted to share this because I just read something that pissed me off.  So, uh, yeah.

Love you all.  Hope I didn’t offend you.  Just kidding, I don’t care.  🙂


Hey Guys,

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Alexandra Clarice Stonewall (yes, that’s a pen name, dummy), but you can refer to me as Alex if you comment on my blog.

The reason I’m writing anonymously is because I need an outlet.  I am not courageous enough to say what I’m going to say in this blog under my real name.  Deal with it.  Now, I realize you might be thinking that I’m going to trash a bunch of people or something.  No, I’m simply going to talk about topics and share experiences from my life that don’t fit into the strict categories society, our friends, our parents, or whomever expect(s) us to fit into.  I will also share things that I, personally, would be embarrassed to talk about.  But I share these things in this oh-so-complicated manner because I honestly think they’re better out than in.

Hope y’all have a good day, and I hope you find my blog-to-come inspiring, funny, relatable, and interesting.

With Love,